Friday, April 11, 2014

No..I cant go another day..

No..I cant go another day..... Enjoy this..

Fallin to this song already..

Yuna - Colors

I'm lying on the floor
I'm drowning from the storm you make
We both know it's difficult
Nobody said we'll get hurt this way
Don't say that I don't have to stay here any longer
Who are you to tell me what I don't deserve?

You need to listen when I say
I just want you
Hold on don't let it slip away
I just want you
Know that I can't go on another day
Don't let all the colors fade away

Love was something that
I thought I'd figure out on my own
An empty space my armour crumped is all I see went you're gone
You say all the things
That I don't want to hear
But silence is not what I want either

You need to listen when I say
I just want you
Hold on don't let it slip away
I just want you
Know that I can't go on another day
Don't let all the colors fade away...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Impian vs Sebenarnya Aku. . .

     Assalamualaikum WBT.. Salam penghulu segala hari (walaupun ada kurang dari dua jam sak lagi kul12 tengah malam). Hari ne aku MC, tak keja gitu sebab demam teruk. Takut jugak memandangkan sekarang ne musim denggi. Tapi alhamdulillah sudah kebah, hope esok aku boleh pegi keja dengan senang hati. 

     Bersamaan 3 April 2014, means semalam laa, aku pegi interview kat RHB Banking Group, RHB Centre at Jalan Tun Razak. Honestly, inilah peluang yang aku tunggu-tunggu. Nice offer. Be a banker for 5K and above income per month. Laen lagi allowance and so on. Being a sophisticated woman with an outstanding career. What a wonderful life. Then after a few years, I'll start for my own business, resign and leave everything. That is what I dream about, not a plan but just a dream. Till I did not sure where should I put a beautiful Marriage Plan. haha. 

     But today, its different. I've changed. People can change right. I decide to shove the excellent position just like that. Coz I know once I decide to accept it, I'll have to sacrifice my life, overall, then nothing left for me. Manusia hanya merancang, tapi Allah yg menentukan. I dont want to be apart with people that I loved especially family and friends. Also of course the oned and the only. Do u ever heard when we choose one, we have to get over the other one. Sama macam prinsip konsep lepas dalam ekonomi, bila kita memilih yang terbaik, kita harus melepaskan kedua yang terbaik. I didnt mean career overcome our important fellows but sometimes career was our own life, coz the others also have theirs. 

     I've changed a lot and I know that. I realize that. People had changed by time, almost. Me also maybe. But the main reason I've changed isnt just cause by time or time is the main reason, its not act. But something else. Something that meaningful beside time as a gold. Its not easy to change dude, as I want to stop doing some of my bad habit and etc. But the fact is, I was changed already. I was being acceptable in my relationship although before I was thinking that Im a failure. And end up be like that, but now its different.

     For someone, I manage to care so much, for someone, I intend to change my personality (esp to throw away that silly egoistic), for someone, I try to improve myself from time to time, and because of that person, almost everyday I prayed for my self asked from the Lord hope that I wouldnt lost him. 

     Happy & bersyukur dengan hidup aku sekarang ne. Keja okay, boss and teamwork pon okay. But for all my beloved person, I'll resign soon coz skarang ne aku agak takda life. Kerja kerja and kerja. Kawan-kawan merungut, parents aku jarang contact, masa adek aku PLKN plak, sekali dua jelah aku dapat lawat budak tu. Maigad. Its really teruk.. huhu. I'll start my own business together with my friends. Insya Allah. I'll be okay, survive and succeed. Allah kan ada. hehe.