Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kareen Kitoka

Assalam.. Hari ne mood hupdate blog datang lagi. My life for this few months full of enjoyment and happiness, maybe sebab aku banyak luangkan masa dengan kawan-kawan aku, family aku and orang tersayang. Owh ya, sebelum tu Selamat Hari Raya maaf zahir batin semuaa. Hihi.. I think it still not too late to wish. Lama banget aku xhupdate. Sebab busy, sebab xdak mood, sebab lupa dan etc.

My sibling..

parents + sibling + daughter

Unbelieveable ari ne aku duk ruma satu hari. Except petang tadi aku p amik gambar raya family sekali antar and amik mak aku dengan macik aku g sana sini. Then pas maghrib tadi lalak and mira ajak aku kuar tapi d sebabkan mood study datang, aku refuse and duk bilik hadap laptop ne. Tapi sampai sekarang aku xmula study. Hahahahaha... Tak mau berbicara lanjut pasal setadi. Marilah kita bergosip.

Before that, just want to inform, adek aku, 2nd daughter kepada bapak aku, ada released new product, so anyone who interested please kindly pm me via Facebook okay.. Bukan new product tapi yang sebelum ne jugak, just rebrand and they do for some advancement of formula. Maksudnya kualiti produk semakin bertambah laa giteww.

Full set.. 

Okay, the main reason I want to update is.. Farah.. Farah Liyana Hamzah. She’s my best friend during primary school. We just met again (via facebook) last year. I was happy coz being able to meet her, know her, spend my time with her and so on.. I still remember, when we was 11th, she give me a Doraemon purse as a birthday gift, its a damn real touchin moment coz she got the idea from my notebooks. I draw a Doraemon inside that book and the caption was, my favourite cat. Hahahaha. She said she ask her mom to buy the present for me. Then give it to me during my befday.

But at the same time, Sheila, oso close to me. Actually, two of them come from 5B, and I was in 5A, but our headschool combine half of student from their class bcoz of inadequacy of school teacher. The most funny ‘story’ is they fought and hate to each other. Am not sure if they still remember or not. But I still, yes I am. Haha. Farah and Sheila wants to be my bestfriend but at the same time refused to be a trio, so I decide I’ll spent time with them by do an interval ‘things’, Monday with Sheila, then Tuesday with Farah. I love to bring my own food (because I love fried noodle so damn much, esp yg my mom masak), so they must follow my rule. Farah..if you still remember u love an egg toast so you bring it everytime we have a break together. You tell you’ll ask your maid to prepare it for you, make some more so that we can share a lot. I miss that moment. Haha.

Maybe sebab jodoh kuat, coincidently, our father know each other sebab diorang selalu berurusan d tempat kerja. Not long time after that, the most sad part is, during standard 6, you’re going back to your class, and we are being busy with UPSR preparation, starting to be apart. After that you’re leaving me sebab ikut abah kau pindah KK. We lost contact. 10 years later, you found my facebook. Thanx coz still remember me and do keep in touch. I’ll coming soon to visit you and your family. Cant wait to see you bebeyh. Hehe. I love all of my friends, all of em coz they owez make me happy and overload thinking bout em.