Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Last But not Least..

     Assalamualaikum wbt.. Hari ne, 12 may 2014, actually is my parents 25th wedding anniversary. Love u mom & dad, hope both of u will last forever till Jannah. Please do pray with me. hehe. Memandangkan aku free hari ne, so aku pon kuar & jumpa kawang-kawang aku kat The Garden. Sempena bulan terakhir aku bekerja & sebelum aku balek hometown tercinta. Lagipun since trip ke Sunway, da agak lama jugak baru dapat jumpa diorang.

   Today was a very wonderful day for me but at the same time, its also a sad day. Before I reach The Garden, I walking around at Midvalley Megamall. Satu kewajipan bagi aku is walk in to Vincci. Theres a sale, 50% + 20% discount. Bonita also got. Buy 1 bag then get free 2 bags with one clutch. Am gonna die or crazy. haha. This is me what. I love sale + discount. Its really great to buy a things with a good discount. 

got this one for RM15 only. the most cheapest shoe i ever bought from Vincci

i cant remember how much for this, but i bought this for 50% discount a few weeks ago, Vincci oso. haha

     My name is Aminah Hasan. This is me. Try to change, but sometimes it work, sometimes didnt. haha. After got the superb cheap shoe, am heading to The Garden to meet them. We're going for makan-makan then borak sampai lebam. Oh God, am gonna miss them so damn much. Yiannie, Jenjen, Nurul, Barry, Aunty Foong, Aunty May and others. I didnt spent so much time with them but we're really close to each other. The most touching moment is when Yiannie start to crying hardly. Maigad. I promise to them I'll coming when got time. Coz Im not going to forget all of you. 

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